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The Oasis of Learning History
4.1  Prehistoric and Archaic Egypt
4.2  The Old Kingdom
4.3  The Middle Kingdom
4.4  The New Kingdom
4.5  The Hellenistic Period
4.6  The Roman Period
4.7  The Arab Conquest
4.8  Modern Times
Daily Life
Amenophis III

Ask Amenophis:

  What did Egyptians eat?  
  What does the word "Pharaoh" mean?  
  When did Pharaohs wear a blue crown?  
Egypt has a longer written history than any other country in the world. The major periods in Egyptian history are the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, and the New Kingdom. Both the Old Kingdom and the Middle Kingdom were followed by periods of instability called Intermediate Periods.

Before the Old Kingdom were two relatively unknown periods we call the Prehistoric Period and the Archaic Period.

After the New Kingdom, Egypt was ruled by foreign powers all the way up to 1922.