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The ancient Egyptians produced so many statues, monuments, artifacts and mummies that there are rich collections of them all around the world.

The Egyptians filled almost every flat surface with hieroglyphs, from giant temple walls to tiny finger rings. One of the great joys of visiting any Egyptian collection is to be able to read some of the hieroglyphs.

The very best book for learning to read simple hieroglyphs is Mark Collier and Bill Manley's "How to read Egyptian Heiroglyphs". This book's goal is to teach you to "read off the walls" at a museum and you can take it into the museum with you.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Metropolitan Museum in New York City has the best Egyptian collection in the United States. That is not only MummyFriends' opinion, but the U.S. government's as well. When Egypt presented an entire temple to the United States as a thank-you for the work Americans did in rescuing Abu Simbel from the rising waters caused by the Aswan High dam, the United States chose the Metopolitan to house it. It is now the centerpiece of a collection that has been growing for over 100 years. If you can get to New York, don't miss this museum!

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