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Did the Egyptians have an alphabet?
Amenophis III

Ask Amenophis:

  Did the Egyptians have an alphabet?  
  What did the Egyptians write with?  
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The Egyptians did not have an alphabet in the same way we do: a limited set of letters with which we write all words. However, most of the hieroglyphs can be used alphabetically. For example, the picture of the sky can mean the sky, or it can also stand for the letters "p" and "t", which are the letters in the Egyptian word for sky ("pet"). Therefore the picture of the sky can be used anywhere the letters "p" and "t" are needed together. Some hieroglyphs (like the sky) stand for two letters, some for three letters, and others for one letter. Modern Egyptologists have collected the most common one-letter hieroglyphs into an Egyptian "alphabet" and even given it an alphabetical order.
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