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Who is Osiris?
Amenophis III

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  Who is Osiris?  
  Who killed Osiris?  
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Osiris is the god which most affected Egyptians' daily life and their life after death. Originally the god of agriculture, he quickly became the god of rebirth because plants grow again every year. Osiris is often painted green in pictures because of his identification with growing plants. Osiris was also said to have been the first king of Egypt. While he was king, he was murdered by his brother Seth and his body was chopped up into many pieces. Each piece was hidden in a different place in Egypt. Osiris's wife Isis and his son Horus searched all through Egypt to find the pieces and brought them together again. They wrapped Osiris up with bandages to keep the pieces together and brought him back to life. Mummies are wrapped with bandages to make them look like Osiris, not because the wrappings are actually needed for anything.
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